Christmas With Dogs

Christmas time, Presents, Food, Drink, Friends and Family!!



Gifts far dogs are easy, you know your dog, and if its a new dog then there are things you cant really go wrong with…

  • Kong – These are super strong and durable toys, the original Kong are good for fetch as the unusual shape causes unpredictable bounce patterns. They are hallow so you can put some kind of spread (peanut butter works well) inside and they can spend time trying to get it out.
  • Squeaky Toys – Always pay attention to dogs while they play with squeaky toys, the dogs love them due to wanting to ‘kill’ the squeak, they are actively trying to get inside the toy. Squeakers almost always tend to be small plastic tubes that could be a potential choking hazard. Many are labelled indestructible, but they are not.
  • Frisbees – Dogs love chasing something that’s flying through the air. I recommend to get the best results owners need to learn to throw frisbees, leaning how to get them to curl or even come back can keep your dog on its toes. This link is to a Kong version again because they are very tough, cheap plastic will break fast.
  • Teeth Cleaners – Oral health is great for your dog, there a number of toys that are shapped with grooves and have little rubber spikes that massage the gums and rub the teeth to help promote a healthy mouth. This link takes you to a good one where the dog can hold it with its paws.
  • Connectables – By a company called K9, they seem a little like Kongs but they connect together. Our pups love to destroy things, this could work to helping them enjoy that but not destroy all the toys. We have never used these but hope to in the future (bit pricey though)

What ever the gift always think about the safety of your dog. Keep your eye on all the rubbish, staples, small clips and twistie ties, small balled up sellotape are all choking hazards.





OK we all know that the second best thing about the season is the FOOD!! We here love a good mince pie and our lovely customers often treat us with chocolates… but how goes it for your dog??


ChocolatePeanut Butter (moderation)
Grapes/Raisins (this means mince pies)Baby Carrots
Macadamia Nuts (often in cakes)Popcorn
OnionsGreen Peas
Caffeine (so no sharing your brew)Pure Orange Juice (moderation)



Friends and Family

It is a time to be spending with our friends and family, but don’t forget your dog. They are our best friend and family, make sure they are calm and entertained during the festive time. Make sure to keep an eye out for calming signs (smiling, panting, lifting a paw), and always keep an eye on small children around them (we all want to trust our good dogs but we can never trust small children not to upset them).


Have a great Christmas people and pooches!

Published : 13/12/2018

Information from : Many vet and dietary websites
Author : Bob Dent