*This is not a service we offer, this is just a little information on it. Go ask your vet for more information!*

As dog groomers we meet a lot of dog. We meet a lot of dog owner, some are first time dog owners, some have owned many dogs their whole life. However some people might not realise the benefits of neutering and spaying no matter what experience level.

This article was written with only Dogs in mind, we know there are similar benefits to doing this to Rabbits and believe it very important to do it for cats, however dogs are our forte, if you’re interested maybe have a google about the details for your pet.

Although it is nice to gather information and have a starting point, no matter what bits of dog medical information you read on the internet you should always consult your Vet.

So what are we going on about?

We don’t want to assume everyone knows what this is, and we don’t judge if you don’t. Some people have dogs enter their lives when they were not expecting it (maybe they found it lost in the street), if they are here reading this then we are just happy they are trying to learn…

The simple explanation is : the surgical removal of parts of the reproductive organs..

The procedure is very very common, and all vets will perform these. The cost is reasonable, the time it takes to do is minimal (though they are often kept in for most of the day, while the Vets check on them and make sure the anaesthetic has worn off). The healing time is 7-14 days (though all dogs are different, ask the vet and use good judgment).

The Issues with not Neutering…

There are a number of issues with not having your dog neutered, we will surely have missed some, but here are just some of the issues we know about…

  • Marking : This is when dogs pee on everything they can to mark the area with their scent. They do this to warn other dogs off their territory and to let the opposite sex know they are near by. It is mainly the boys that do this but girls can as well. Here in the salon it is a massive problem for us, boy dogs come in smell all the other dogs and want to put their mark over, so proceed to pee EVERYWHERE. Some dogs have such a compulsion to do this they will pee while walking and sniffing, which can cover their own feet, leaving a horrible smell. Marking pee is different to normal pee and smells way stronger 🙁
  • Humping : I mean sure we all find it funny when someone else gets a horny dog attached to their leg, grinding away with the look of determination only worn by the demonically-possessed. But it isn’t great for the victim, and can be highly embarrassing in public. Not to mention other objects that get in the cross hairs of your horny dog, teddies, chairs, cushions etc, that’s never nice to find. Joking aside, there is the obvious issue with getting other dogs pregnant too, meaning more puppies in the world while already there are shelters overflowing with unwanted dogs.
  • Dogged Determination : Recently we were trying to catch a stray, he would keep giving us the slip, but for 2 days solid this dog would sit outside a strangers, just because they had a female dog inside that he got the scent of. This dog ignored the 0°c nights, it didn’t seem to go home for food, it was just focused on this lady dog. Dogs care about nothing else when they have the horn, and they always have the horn.
  • Walkies : Can be harder, as they might pull to get to a female dog across the road, they can be more aggressive to other dogs, they are likely to spend a lot longer sniffing and licking every bit of other dog wee they find.. Also if the dog gets away from you or even if they escape your house and take themselves for a walk they are likely to travel a lot further and take more risks.
  • Less Caring : Dogs that tend to be looking for a romantic doggy partner are not quite as bothered about their human family. Once they lose their mojo (or at least lower it a little) they become more attentive to their human family.
  • Cancer : This is a simple and obvious one, testicle cancer is a prominent cancer, and cancer is always a bad thing… no testicles, no testicle cancer.
  • Injury : This is a little in the same vein as the cancer point. Dogs going through the thick brush of a forest or over rocky terrain can sometimes catch their swinging manhood and it hurts or could even get seriously injured (and do you know how to deal with that, in the countryside, on your own, with at best a bit of a first aid kit?), jury is still out on if it hurts more than birthing a load of pups, but it does really hurt them. They can sometimes hurt themselves while itching or if you or other dogs are playing.
  • Menstruation : yup your little girl puppy is all grown up and she has now come into season… and jumped all over the sofa… and on your friend that is round for brunch… and run round the house… and now there is red blood splats everywhere and no one is enjoying that clean up.
  • Mood Swings : So when someone brings their dog to be groomed and tells us that their female dog is in season, we know to be more careful while handling them as they can be a bit more short-tempered and a lot more aggressive. Male dogs can be more aggressive to other dogs when a female in season is around.
  • Too Many : You would think there could never be enough puppies when you are playing with them, but (in the USA at least) dog shelters having to euthanize them is the biggest killer of domestic pets.

The issues with Neutering…

There are always counter-arguments to everything and again we are sure we will miss some of them but these are a few of the obvious reasons not to get your dog neutered.

  • Vet bills : do cost money, and a neutering/spaying will cost roughly £170 (key hole surgery can be around £350, it comes with smaller scars and quicker heal times).
  • Risky Business : All surgery comes with some kind of risk, that said, it is probably the most performed surgical procedure Vets do, with the highest success rate of any surgery. This graph shows an overall for Neutering, and includes male and female cats and dogs, also the treatments are quite broad including things such as creams to apply.
Issues but no treatment necessary27959.3%
Issues requiring medical treatment22547.5%
Issues requiring further surgery3411.1%
No Issues, complete Success2462782%
  • Puppies : Obviously the main aim of neutering is to prevent the accidental pregnancy between dogs, so if you decided to let your dog have puppies (which should be done with a thorough understanding of all requirements and risks involved as well as financial costs), or if you wanted to become a breeder (though this is something no one should decide on a whim either!) you will of course not be able to. 


All in all, we are not telling you to go and get your dog snipped. We are merely pointing out that it might be something worth looking into with your Vet, and that there are a number benefiting factors involved, over just not getting other dogs pregnant. The points made here might not be noticed in all cases, as all dogs are different. All we can do is speak from the experience of meeting hundreds and hundreds of dogs over the years and noticing patterns or behaviours, coupled with reading countless articles and speaking with Vets and our experiences with our own dogs.


There is a company that exists to help if you find the sight of a dog with no testicles disturbing after the neutering procedure… its called Neuticles, I kid you not, and the guy is a multi-millionaire from this idea. We do not recommend these products in the slightest. 


Published : 19/04/2019
Edit : 23/04/19 (more information)
Sources : Our Vet, Personal Experience,, Wikipedia, RSPCA, Dogs Trust, and many other online sites.
Author : Bob Dent