Planning for a new pup?

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Planning for the Pitter-Patter of Four Paws

There’s a lot to look forward to when planning on getting your first pet. You’ll have a new source of love, affection and entertainment. But it’s not just a cute and fuzzy animal. You’re adding a new member to your family. There’s a lot of responsibility involved such as feeding, grooming and cleaning up little messes around the house, and that can make choosing the right pet a rather stressful decision. Here are some ways to ensure you make the right one.

See That They Fit In

Where do you live? Is it a large house with a big yard in a quiet neighbourhood or a small apartment in the hip part of town? That’s going to determine to a large degree what kind of pet you can get. If you dwell in the latter, a Siberian husky is out of the question as they need plenty of room to run about. Your choices are not that limited, however.

Though some cats like to prowl about, many are happy in a small space with a warm lap to cuddle in. They even have a whole genre of felines called lap cats. These include Scottish folds and rag-dolls, lovely little creatures that will warm your heart on a cold winter evening as you sip your tea and read a book.

Match With Your Lifestyle

It’s ideal to choose an animal that matches your hobbies and lifestyle. Are you a beach bum? If so, then don’t get a dog that’s scared of the water like a chihuahua or a pug. And when it comes to cat people, some prefer to admire their elegant form from afar. According to Kittentoob, British short-hairs and Persians would be perfect as they prefer their independence.

Companion animals are growing in popularity for pet-lovers struggling with alcohol or drug addiction as they provide a valuable source of emotional support. Pets can have a calming effect on the psyche and develop lasting emotional bonds that add meaning to everyday life. So which breeds are best? As for cats, the people at Pet Care Facts vouch for mixed breeds.  These breeds of cats are more relaxed and require less maintenance than purebreds. In the canine clan, Labrador retrievers top this list.

Check a Few Last Things

Now you should some idea on the breed, or at least whether your new companion is canine or feline. But not so fast. Will it leave your eyes red and your nose runny? You might be allergic to one or the other, so it’s worth having that checked before you get attached to an animal that you can’t stand being around.

Another thing to consider before you bring a pet home is your daily schedule. Do you have time for something fussy? Be honest with yourself before you discover the hours of grooming that some dogs require, such as ShihTzus. Your lifestyle may only permit a pair of gerbils, but they can be tons of fun packed in little bundles.

Get Ready for the Arrival

Once you’ve got the breed narrowed down, you’re ready to bring one home… if it’s pet-proofed, of course. Don’t worry, the process isn’t complicated. Just think of the dangers your new family member might encounter in the kitchen, bathroom or garage. Puppies and kittens can get into anything, so keep cleaning products and chemicals out of their reach. The same goes for toxic foods including chocolate and coffee, as well as anything chew-able.

And your pet is going to have to get used to their new home. That can be especially difficult for rescues, which don’t adapt easily to new places after a tough life on the streets and shelters. You have to subdue their fears and anxieties. Start off by bringing them to a room that they can make their base, then give them some time alone. After that, slowly begin introducing the family.

You can’t really call your pet your own until you’ve fully bonded. This is the fun part. Playtime is one sure way to gain a dog’s trust, then they’ll be up for plenty of belly rubs. For cats, give them space and let them come to you, as felines won’t be forced. Regardless of which creature you’ve chosen, enjoy the company and keep the food bowl full.

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Published : 26/07/18
Author :  Jessica Brody –
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