Summer Time Hot Dogs

Hot Weather Man

Summer walk with the dog…


Hot Dogs can suffer and die. This is the simple fact, and we all love our lil doodle dogs so lets look at how we can look after them during the hot summer months.


Ice Lollies

Peanut Butter and Bannana Lollies
– Microwave some (a cup full?) smooth peanut butter for 30 seconds to make it soft and runny
– Mash up a banana into paste
– Put it all in a food blender and blend until a runny paste
– Put in lolly moulds or ice cube trays (if your doing lollies use a stick shaped dog treat as the lolly stick)
– Once frozen give to your dog to enjoy, we suggest always keeping an eye on your dog while they eat anything if you can

Ice Ice Baby

Bung some ice cubes in your dogs water bowl. if you can make them big enough

(maybe freeze a plastic cup of water) so not to become a choking hazard. otherwise keep an eye on your dog while they drink. Keep their water bowl topped up at all times and keep in inside in the shade where it will be cool (no point outside in the sun it will turn into warm water)


Water the Dogs

Dogs cant sweat, (well a little from their pads). So where we hoomans sweat which then as the sweat evaporates drawing heat away from us, dogs cant do this. So spray them with cool water, a fine mist all over once an hour, (especially if they are out and about) This will allow the cool water to evaporate and help draw heat away from them.

Take a Dip in the Pool

You could get a little kids paddle pool (or fashion one yourself from something if your a bit craftsy). Fill it about 2 inch deep with cold water. Instead of encouraging your dog to ley in it get them to walk through and stand in it. Their pads are the only parts that sweat and one of their places they dispel heat. (can chuck a bunch of ice cubes in here too if its super hot). If you have a husky or other cold weather origin dog then feel free to fill a paddle pool full of ice cubes and just watch them go to town burying themselves in it.

Stay In During the Hot Times

People love to see the sun and think its great to get outdoors with the dog, but inside your house is likely shaded so can often be cooler. Direct sunlight can effect dogs skin the same as humans (yes you should be putting sun cream on your dogs skin (eg: nose, pads, tummys, any bald or thinning areas)) so limit the time spent in it. Don’t leave this decision up to your dog, lets face it dogs are daft most of the time, they don’t know whats best for them and might just fall asleep in the sun, which is fine for a bit but after 15mins, get them back in the shade for an hour. Maybe think about a pop up gazebo even if you only have a yard.

The Floor is Lava

In direct sunlight the floor can get hot enough to poach an egg easily, and your dog doesn’t wear shoes. If its sunny, put the back of your hand on the concrete outside if its to hot to comfortably hold it their for 5 mins then its too hot for your dog to walk on with their lil paws. This also goes for sand!, no going the beach and setting up sun loungers and falling asleep in the sun for an hour while your dog has no where to hide in the cool shade off the hot sand!

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

This is one we all know about but it still needs to be said. If you take your dog in the car with you please remember to have the AC blowing in the back with them. Never leave them in the car for any length of time and if you do

please crack a window (open it just and inch or two) and return within 5mins!

If you find a dog in a locked car and can clearly see signs of heat stroke (lethargic, heavy panting, uncoordinated, vomiting) here is the process you should take. (UK only)

  • take names of witness’, note down Number plate and car details, take pictures/Videos clearly of the dog the car and situation.
  • call 999 and explain the situation. Likely they wont get their in time (it can take only mins before a dog dies). Explain that you will be forcing entry to the car for the well being of the animal.
  • Using a sharp implement (keys) or stone smash a window, aim close to the corners of the window. Try to smash the smallest window and then reach in and open a door if you can, smash a window away from the dog so it is not covered in broken glass. Take the dog away to a shaded area and allow it to drink small amounts of water while poring cool water over it.
  • Leave contact details at the car.

Law : (we will not be held responsible for any actions anyone takes from reading this page, please seek your own legal advise) From what we have read the law says that you have a lawful excuse to commit damage if you believe that the owner of the property that you damage would consent to the damage if they knew the circumstances. (so bit of a grey area).


Published : 26/06/18
Information From : Pet MD, RSPCA, Wikipedia