Offers and Deals

Offers and Deals


At present we have no special offers on only the usual ones listed below.

Loyalty Scheme

Please note as of 01/08/17 a new loyalty card has been made, the old ones will still be honoured 

On your first visit you will receive a loyalty card, you can see as you go that there are rewards along the way.

On your dogs first groom you will get 10% off!

The third visit your dog will receive a goody bag containing, some treats and a toy. Please use your own judgement when giving your dog any treats, if it is allergic to anything, the same goes for the toys, if you feel the toy is not sutable for your dog (maybe to small) please let us know and we will try to accommodate with a swap.

Picture for illustration purpose only.

On your seventh visit you will receive a whopping 30% off your groom!!

Once you have completed the card your dogs next visit will get a new card and start it all again!