Offers and Deals

£30 off Voucher!

We have been contacted by Dog Issues Leyland, Facebook Group asking for a raffle prize to help bring awareness to their Shiloh fund. We have passed them a £30 off voucher. Please check their facebook page for information on the raffle.

The Shiloh fund is to raise money and awareness around the terrible atrocity of the puppy Pomeranian Shiloh faced being buried alive in Leyland. Any money raised will be given to various dog charities.

Details for the winner :
£30 off any of our services or shop items.
Please present the voucher when you show up for your groom or shop, along with ID.
Please call to arrange a time and date for a groom (availability dependent).
Any outstanding amounts can be paid for by cash or card.
Sorry but any unspent credit of the voucher will not be retained for future use.
The voucher will need to be used (a groom at least booked) before 21/12/19



Loyalty Scheme

On your first visit you will receive 10% off your full groom.

Loyalty Cards are no longer physical as everyone kept losing them!

The third visit your dog will receive a goody bag containing, some treats and a toy.
Please use your own judgement when giving your dog any treats, if it is allergic to anything, the same goes for the toys, if you feel the toy is not suitable for your dog (maybe to small or too big) please let us know and we will try to accommodate with a swap.

Toys and treats may vary

On your seventh visit you will receive a whopping 30% off your groom!!

Once you have completed the card your dogs next visit you will get a new card and start it all again!