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A list of our common services

If there is something you require that is not shown here please ask and we will see how to accommodate you.
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Premium Pamper

This is the extravagant super ultra mega deluxe pamper session for your pooch! Click for more details.



  • Blueberry Facial £5
  • Nose Balm £2
  • Paw Soothing Balm £2
  • Tea Tree Towel Wrap £8
  • Flea Shampoo* £5
  • Wrinkle Soother £3
  • Digital Photo** £3
  • Ear Clean + Pluck £5
  • Neckerchief £5

Please check that if you are getting one of our grooming services that these extras are not already included in the price.

*Flea Shampoo is not a preventative measure and is only a very short temporary solution to stop the spread of fleas within our salon. This ‘extra’ will be added automatically if we find fleas.
**We will try everything in our power and time frame to get a great picture of your dog, but we hold no promises, as some dogs will just not want to stay still for a picture. You will not be charged if we fail to get a picture.