Bath & Blow Dry

Wash and Go!

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Sounds too simple, but we understand not everyone has the facility or even the ability to wash and dry some dogs. Our bath has a ramp to help older dogs or ones with disability and it is large enough to house the biggest of dogs. There is latches in the bath to tether the dog to make sure they cant jump out mid bath and hurt themselves, and we never fill the bath but use a warm, powered shower head to wash through the coat. Once washed they are straight from the bath to the drying table (which can be lowered for dogs that don’t want to be lifted). We never use cage dryers and will ensure we do everything we can to make the dog feel calm and relaxed.

  • Bath – Full wash with massage to clean and calm your doodle dog
  • Shampoo – Many fragrances available, will leave a gleaming clean coat
  • Flea Treatment – On request or recommendation to help alleviate problematic flea infestation
  • Blow Dry – Helps to blow out any loose hair, dust, dandruff and dry the coat
  • Towel Dry – If your doodle dog is not happy with dryer we will use full comfort cotton towels
  • Safe and Calm environment – Ensuring we don’t distress the dog is always a priority
  • Happy Hoodies – These are tubular towels that we put over the dogs head to cover the ears if they are distressed by the sound of the dryers
  • No Cage Drying – To maintain a calm environment we don’t use cage dryers

Bingo enjoying a bath