Doggy Day Care

We are a dog groomers. This service was started when a customer was struggling to pick the dog up after their groom by a good couple of hours. Most groomers will charge if you are later then 15 mins pickup for a dog. Staceys Dog Grooming is not so strict. However if we end up looking after your dog for a number of hours it does take time and effort. Letting the dog out for toilet breaks, making sure they are happy and playing well with other dogs etc… So we have setup this day care service.

*This is not a proper doggy day care (yet) but your dog will be looked after by loving animal professionals through the day!

Your dog will accompany us within the salon. If you would like to bring food and treats we will make sure they are fed. They will be able to interact with the other dogs that will be in the salon (or we can keep them separate if you like). Regular toilet breaks and access to clean water all day long. Our staff have had Dog First Aid training, and we are fully insured.

Although the service is primarily aimed at the customers who are having a groom with us, we have decided to offer it to anyone who needs it. Please do check back as we are hoping to open our own proper, Staceys Doggy Day Care soon!


Full Day : £15 (8:30am – 6pm)
Half Day : £7 (8:30am – 12:30pm or 1pm – 6pm)