Hand Stripping

Gently strip it away!

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A gentle hand stripping is a way of removing the loose and dead hair off a non-shedding coat without any clipping work. Hand stripping is typically done on wire coated breeds, for example Border Terriers. This is a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the dog as all the attention is on them. The result leaves a really soft undercoat presenting a natural looking finish that is gorgeous to the touch.

  • Handstrip – remove the top wire coat leaving just a soft under coat
  • Bath and Dry – Clean and polish
  • Trim – Scissor tidy-up round the face and feet
  • Hygiene – Clean trim and check of the unmentionable areas
  • Pedicure – Nails clipped and filed
  • Ear Clean – Clean the ears of any grime or muck and to check of any issues that need to be addressed
Tweed having a Hand Strip

Updated : 22/06/19

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