Nail Clip

Nail Clip

For a nail clip you are welcome to just drop in the salon, no appointment needed.

We charge a flat £5 charge for nail clips.

If your dogs nails don’t need clipping then we will not clip them! Often people think their dogs nails need clipping because they scratch when they jump up at them or they tap when walking on wood floor… Clipping the nails makes them a little shorter, it will take any sharp point off but they will still scratch when they jump up.. they may still tap on the floor as the dog walks on wooden floors, this is just the way a dogs foot moves.

The amount we can take off a dogs nail is determined by the quick. The quick is the vein that runs down the nail. Cutting the nail too short can cause discomfort and bleeding for the dog. On dogs with white nails the quick can be easy to see, with black nails you can’t and caution needs to be taken.

We do try our very best but accidents do happen when cutting nails, trimming a dogs nails is often something dogs don’t like, this can make them fidget during the process. Sometimes (mainly with black nails) we might simply cut too short. In these situations we quickly apply a powder that causes the blood from the nail to clot and scab over very quickly. A bleeding nail can often look worse than it is, especially when the dog is tapping around flicking it everywhere. Please don’t panic, or your dog will panic with you.

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