Pick up Drop Off

Pick Up and Drop Off

Until dogs learn to drive themselves …… you will have to get them to us yourselves. We understand this is not easy for some people to get about, or maybe a change in circumstance means your ability to get to us at the last minuet is causing you problems.

If you are very local to us we may be able to help, with our pickup or drop off service. We secure the dogs to a seat belt point or in the boot depending on size. There will be no more than 2 dogs in the car at any one time.S

Pickup or Drop off
Price : £5

Rough area we cover

*This capture area is not strict, please do contact us to double check.
*Some dogs may not be eligible for pickup or drop off service due to size. Please let us know the breed prior to requesting this service.

Doggy Day Care

We are not a proper doggy day care (yet). But we do offer a day care service. and you might be able to make use of this in conjunction with the pickup and drop off service. Click for more information on our day care service.

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