Hold on to your hats for this one. As you can imagine there are so many
breeds in such different sizes and styles its hard to confirm prices for them all.

*All prices are only estimates and a closer confirmation of price can be given after a consultation with one of our groomers. Prices might vary due to coat condition or behaviour of the dog that can make the groom longer or harder. We do try to call during the groom to let you know if any situation might change what you asked for or the price we originally gave*

We cater for all breeds of dog and if you’re not sure which they fall under then give us a call. This list is just for examples and not a definitive list…

Small Dogs (Short Hair) Examples :

Boston TerrierPugShort Haired ChihuahuaDachshundMin Pins

Small Dogs (Long Hair) Examples :

BologneseYorkshire TerrierPapillionPomeranian

Medium Dogs (Short Hair) Examples :

Staffordshire Bull TerrierShiba InuParson Russell Terrier (Smooth)

Medium Dogs (Long Hair) Example :

Miniature SchnauzerWestieCairn TerrierShih Tzu

Big Dogs (Short Hair) Example :


Big Dogs (Long Hair) Example :

Long Haired German ShepherdOld English SheepdogChowChow

*An additional charge of £5 will be added if we find fleas as this is to cover the cost of the more expensive Flea Shampoo we use and the added cleaning up and insecticide spray.


  • Blueberry Facial £5
  • Nose Balm £2
  • Paw Soothing Balm £2
  • Tea Tree Towel Wrap £5
  • Flea Shampoo* £5
  • Wrinkle Soother £3
  • Digital Photo** £3
  • Ear Clean + Pluck £5
  • Neckerchief £3

Please check that if you are getting one of our grooming services that these extras are not already included in the price.

*Flea Shampoo is not a preventative measure and is only a very short temporary solution to stop the spread of fleas within our salon. This ‘extra’ will be added automatically if we find fleas. 
**We will try everything in our power and time frame to get a great picture of your dog, but we hold no promises, as some dogs will just not want to stay still for a picture. You will not be charged if we fail to get a picture.

We know our prices are a bit..fluid…

These prices are just a guide, as so many factors are involved. Please realise that if you brush your dog at home or not, could alter a groom time by a good hour or so (mats in dogs fur hold water so drying can take an age!). If your dog likes to bark, (and don’t we all) its an added stress on our groomers and can disrupt other grooms that are occurring. If your dog likes to tap dance on the table while we try to carefully trim and shape the hair on their feet, things can be a lot more difficult and slow us down. Dogs, that bite and chew things around the salon or just jump up at walls and desks causing damage costs us money to replace and repair. Even just the difference of size, you might have a French Bulldog that can fit in a tea cup but we have seen some that would struggle to fit in a suitcase. These are just a few of the little things that can cause price fluctuations as we want to keep the costs down for you all as much as we can which is why the prices are more of a range and your dog might not fall in the ‘small dog’ you think it is.

Hope this explains a bit of our prices etc.

Updated : 21/06/19

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