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All the Pampering! – The Full Groom

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We should all endeavour to make sure our furry family members are well looked after. The full groom starts with a bath and a blow dry (Click here to see details), we then do a de-shed if it is needed. Then a good brush down where we try to remove any matts we can*. There is a hygiene clip, then depending on what you are after we can clip the hair down we can style with some scissor work and generally make your doodle dog look beautiful. We can neaten up the face and ears, and then just the usual nails, ear clean and perfume/cologne.

  • Bath and Dry – To give a good clean and polish
  • Brush – To style and keep your pooch looking sleek
  • De-Shed – To help remove and clear dead and loose hair
  • Cut and Style – Our qualified groomers will work their magic to get your doodle looking perfect
  • Hygiene – Clean trim and check of the unmentionable areas
  • Pedicure – Nails clipped and filed (if needed)
  • Ear Clean – Clean the ears of any grime or muck and to check of any issues that need to be addressed
  • Ear Plucking – It helps to prevent blockages and dirt build up
  • Face Trim – Some dogs might need a bit of a trim on the nose and between the eyes
  • Perfume – Ready to hit the town with one of our amazing smelling perfumes

*We do try our hardest to remove matts (densely tangle mess of hair). However the tugging of the brush is uncomfortable to the dog so we try to keep it to a minimum, this might mean that if your dog is matted then we might need to clip the matt out by going under it. So not to make your dog have patchy bold spots it is advised that we would clip the whole dog short to match. We will often talk to you about this during the consultation if needed.