The Mini Groom

The TopUp!

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The mini groom is perfect for those doodles who need a little top up between their full grooms to prevent matting and smelling. Includes a bath and blow dry (Check here for details on Bath and Dry), Careful but thorough brushing out on coat to neaten and thin loose hair, hygiene… you know.. the parts your dog loves to try and keep clean itself… well we make sure it is clean and tidy and free from problems.. moving on, nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned and checked, an eye trim if needed to make sure they can see you coming after their pampering.

  • Bath and Dry – Clean and polish
  • Brush – To style and keep your pooch looking trim
  • Hygiene – Clean trim and check of the unmentionable areas
  • Pedicure – Nails clipped and filed
  • Ear Clean – Clean the ears of any grime or muck and to check of any issues that need to be addressed


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