Perfumes / Colognes

Perfumes and Colonges

£8 – 200ml
£18 – 500ml

We have a variety of scents that you can use daily on your dog to make your pooch smell gorgeous.

*Please check the ingredients in case of any allergies.

**Cover your dogs eyes and avoid the face while spraying,


Baby Fresh

Baby Fresh gives every dog that familiar baby powder smell. Contains camomile extracts to soothe the skin. Suitable for male and female dogs.




Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is suitable for male or female dogs. Leaves the coat with a fresh, “just washed” smell. Fresh, sea like aroma. Popular in the summer months. Unisex scent.




Canine One

Canine 1 is fast becoming one of our top sellers. Peach, lychee, jasmine, madonna lily and musk are among the ingredients. Unisex scent for all those classy canines.





A female cologne which is virtually identical to a top selling fragrance. It consists of exotic fuits, jasmine and velvet musks.





Duke was one of our original colognes and is still very popular today. It is designed for real “butch” dogs. Contains camomile extracts to soothe the skin.




First Love

Fast becoming one of our top sellers, it consists of fresh rose fused with balsams, hawthorn, sandalwood and musk. Smells very similar to our best selling Baby Powder cologne, but slightly fresher. Order now, you wont be disappointed. Unisex fragrance.




Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch has been incredibly popular ever since it was introduced by Groom Professional. This cologne has a unique fragrance of passion fruit & mango and is one of our top sellers. Unisex scent.





This was our first ever pet cologne and is suitable for male or female dogs. It is still one of our top sellers with its fresh fragrance. Contains camomile extracts to soothe the skin.





This fine fragranced cologne has proved to be a hit among groomers and pet owners alike. It has extracts of lemon, lime and sweet mandarin. The base is musky and ambery with notes of cedar, patchouli and moss.





Princess is based on fine fragrance, sparkling and spicy notes of mandarin, lemon and pepper leading to a floral heart of rose and jasmine.





Make all your doggy clients smell like superstars with Star cologne which contains jasmine, rose and lily perfume. It also contains geranium and patchouli essential oils. Smells just like a leading perfume brand. Unisex scent.




Summer Fruits

This gorgeous, Summer Fruit scented cologne will bring back memories of fun in the sun! This fragrance opens with top notes of blackberry, blackcurrant, bergamot and green fruits, resting on a heart of soft plum, creamy peach, strawberry and violet. All resting on a base of ripe raspberry. Suitable for male and female dogs. Scent will last for days.