T’s & C’s

Terms and Conditions


On your first appointment you will need to confirm the details of your dog, and some of your details, the exact questions can be found HERE. Once you have given Staceys Dog Grooming all the details we will ask you to sign a consent card agreeing to the terms. We ask that all the information you give us is full and as accurate to your knowledge as possible. Also if you are to ever change any of these details, (eg, phone number, or any medical details) please let us know as soon as possible.  



After leaving your dogs with Staceys Dog Grooming you agree to pay all charges in full before the dog can leave the salon. This includes but not limited to: grooming fees, special circumstances fees, flea charges, de-matting charges. Please understand that any prices given before the groom either via the phone or in person is only an estimate as we will not know how hard, or time consuming the groom will be until we have commenced with it. (We will try to communicate any changes in estimated prices during the groom if we can get hold of you).  

Special Circumstances are things like (but not limited to) : If your dog is aggressive or dangerous, if they break equipment Intentionally, Excessive defecating (poo bags, cleaning solution and air freshener all cost money)…

Grooming Charges

Staceys Dog Grooming holds the right to change the prices of its services and products at any time. The prices are decided by the groomers on consultation or even during the groom. No prices given are guaranteed and may vary from visit to visit. The Prices page is only there as a guide line.

Missed or Cancelled Appointments

At Staceys Dog Grooming we understand that life happens, and we operate a 3 strike policy on missed appointments, after this you would be banned and not given any further appointments. Our services are in demand and we like to provide this to our customers, even if you pay for a groom you have not shown up for you are still denying some other dog a groom at a time they require. (This can be especially problematic for our customers when we sometimes book up for 2 months ahead)

  • First missed appointment will mean a £15 Deposit will be needed for the next booked appointment. This can be made by credit or debit card via a payment link, or in the salon before the groom is booked. (Deposits are none refundable, but will be deducted from the cost of the groom on the day)
  • Second missed appointment will mean your next appointment will need a none refundable deposit for the full amount.
  • Third missed appointment will mean your next booking will need to be paid for before the booking is given and an additional £10 fine will be added as well.

Over 15 mins late for a groom will be considered a missed appointment. If you are running late please let us know as soon as you can. We work mainly by appointment and if you are running late we might not be able to fit you in due to an appointment after yours. If you are late and we do accept the dog it will still count as a strike (see above)

A 48 hour notice is required for a cancellation, any later and it will be considered a strike (see above). Any deposits paid for this appointment will not be refunded even with 48 hour notice.

As we employ members of staff and have bills to pay, having an empty space due to missed or late cancelled appointments means we are not only losing out on earning money but it is actually costing us money. Feel free to check other groomers, because our cancellation and missed appointment policy is very relaxed in comparison to most.

Once in a groom we will often give you a time to collect your dog and will keep you updated during the groom if this changes. If you are unable to pick up the dog at this time, please let us know charges may incur. Looking after dogs for extended time puts grater demand on our time, making sure dogs are cared for, entertained, fed, and let out for toilet breaks takes extra time. W

We do offer a dog day care service. Unlike an actual dedicated doggy day care we mainly offer this for customers who are having a groom on the day and are struggling to pickup or drop off at the time of the groom. Please get in contact for more details and prices.

Aggressive / Scared Dogs

Staceys Dog Grooming will attempt to groom all dogs but reserves the right to cancel a groom for the safety of the groomers and the dog, a charge may still occur. You must inform us if your dog has shown signs of aggression in the past or if you know them to be of an unpredictable nature. Please let us know if your dog has started to show signs of aggression as their personalities can change over time. In conjunction with the Dangerous Dogs Act, the owner understands that they will be held liable for all bites/injuries caused by their dog. Subsequently, leaving your dogs with Staceys Dog Grooming you understand that there will be other dogs and Staceys Dog Grooming will take all reasonable measures to ensure your dogs safety but the unpredictability of dogs means we will not be held responsible for any injuries to your dog caused by another dog or your dog.

When dogs are scared they sometimes act unpredictable or thrash around, we will endeavour to keep your dog calm with in reasonable measures of dog grooming and hold the right to cancel a groom at any time if the dog shows too much stress that we feel it is unsafe to carry on the groom. Charges will still occur.

We love dogs, or we would not of decided to work with them. Having a groom has a positive effect on the dogs health and well being, however if your request for a style cant be achieved while considering the safety of your dog, it may need to be different than your expectations. We do apologise but your dogs safety and well being come first.

Veterinary Treatment

Staceys Dog Grooming will do whatever is appropriate for the well being of all pets while in their care, however if the services of a vet are required, by leaving their dog with us the owner authorise Staceys Dog Grooming to obtain veterinary treatment in the case of an incident or serious medical problem being discovered during grooming. The owner also agrees that Staceys Dog Grooming is not liable for any pre-existing conditions and problems found during grooming and the owner agrees to pay for all medical treatment incurred due to such. Staceys Dog Grooming is not a vet and any advice given regarding health problems should be checked with a licensed vet.

We are trained in first aid, and we do learn a lot about dog health during our learning. So please take our advice on board but do also check with a registered vet.

Matted Dogs

In acordance with the rules set out by The Animal Welfare Act 2006, Staceys Dog Grooming will not spend more time than is allowed (15mins) de-matting dogs coats that have been neglected and might cause stress or trauma to the pet by doing so. Small matts may be attempted to de-matt but as dogs react differently, the dogs needs will be the deciding factor on how we proceed. Matted coats will have an effect on the desired groom, (if you would like a particular style it might not be possible after getting the matts out. we will try to advise on this during consultation or mid groom if needed). Matted dogs may add an additional charge to the groom, as taking extra care and effort to remove any matts will often take a longer time. This charge can vary between £5 and £15

If we inform you or not, if the decision is made during the groom that we need to clip matts out and willingly cause a different style than what you requested (for the health, comfort and safety of the dog), you will still be charged the full amount for the groom.


By leaving your dogs with Staceys Dog Grooming you consent to us using photos/videos taken by Staceys Dog Grooming for digital and printed promotional material and social media. Staceys Dog Grooming will not sell pictures of your dog to any third party companies and will only offer sale of photos to the owner or the owners family and friends.

You might also notice we share any pictures of the dogs we groomed that you also share with social media. If you see any of these and wish us not to share them, please contact us and we will take them down no questions asked. (we are just pleased with our work, and we love your doggos so much we like to share)

Sale Products

Staceys Dog Grooming will not be held responsible for any fault or injury caused by products purchased from Stacyes Dog Grooming. Caution should be used while operating any products, and any product used for cleaning/cosmetic purpose or edible, it is the owners responsibility to check your dog has no medical problem with the ingredients.

If you are unsure if a product is suitable for your dog, it would be wise to not give it to your dog. Any complaints of products should be taken up with the manufacturer. By all means contact Staceys dog Grooming and we will try to aid you in your complaint.

Other Dogs

Please do not handle or approach other dogs in the salon. Not all dogs are friendly to strangers and may bite without warning regardless of how friendly they may appear. We cannot be held responsible if you disregard this policy. When entering and exiting the salon please be mindful of other people and their dogs. Eg:- Close the door behind you so your or other peoples dogs don’t escape, don’t let your dog start sniffing around other peoples dogs as they might not like it, if your dog is becoming a handful around other customers wait outside until it is clear to enter. Lets all look out for one another.

Abusive Behaviour To Staff

We have a zero tolerance on bad behaviour to any of our staff. We do understand that your dogs are precious to you, and we do not want to do a bad job however interpreting the words of a customer into the hairstyle of a dog is not always easy. We may shape and style the dog differently from what you had hoped, we might take it shorter than you wanted. Please try to remain calm and understand the dogs hair will always grow back and we will not tolerate abusive language or actions towards any members of staff. We have to the right to ban any customers for this.

Feedback and Reviews

In the world of social media with hard hitting reviews that can be seen by thousands we would request that any issues or situations be taken up with the manager of Staceys Dog Grooming before any negative review is given. Small alterations maybe able to be made right after the groom if you are not happy, or if there is a problem then it can be worked on at the next groom. Interpreting the words of a customer into the hairstyle of a dog is not always easy, and sometimes not even possible. Any negative feedback might be over ruled or removed from any website if the condition of the dogs coat was not adequate before the groom causing us to deal with it (eg: matted hair), or if the behaviour of the dog was not explained beforehand.

Please understand any issues that are raised after a few days of their groom might not be able to be rectified easily and may incur a charge if we agree to resolve the problem. (you cant complain your dog was not cleaned properly 3 days of walking through a wet park after the groom)

We want you to be happy with the groom, we want your dog to be happy and safe with their groom. If something isn’t correct we want the opportunity to make it so.

Your Data and GDPR

Please see our GDPR page with reference to how we store and how we use and share your data. Along with the Details we Take page that explains what information we get from you.

Any further clarification or details on any topic here or not, please do get in contact and we will help as best we can.