Details we take

Your Data and Why


When you arrive we will need to take some details down, some of which we might already have but might need to just confirm with yourselves. We do try our best to prevent your Data getting in the wrong hands and follow the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).


Your Name

So we know what to call you, some people like to just give us a first name some people like to give just a last name. Either is fine, we also use it just when finding your dogs details as we have many dogs with the same name.

Phone Number (Preferably a Mobile)

We may need to contact you during the groom for any number of reasons, it might be as simple as ‘you can now pick your dog up’. We prefer mobile numbers as we will text you the night before your groom to remind you. 

*If you are not the person picking the dog up, or dropping off then you should leave the number of the person that will be.

Dogs Name

It helps when we need to call your dog to us instead of just saying ‘Oi, dog!’

Breed of Dog

This is clearly important if you bring a Boston terrier in and we have allotted the time for an Old English Sheepdog it would be a bit of a waste, so we need to know this before the groom. Also it helps us setup things ready (big dogs need the bath rearranging)

Age of Dog

This again helps us plan a little, as we will know to give older dogs a little longer for breaks or puppys who will need to calm a little

Sex of Dog

If we have three boy dogs all showing off to one another they might pester a little lady dog so we will know to separate them.

Colour of Dog

Helps us identify if there is more than one dog in the records with the same name and breed (if you have two that are the same colour any distinguishing features will help)


Its them rowdy boy dogs that have not been snipped we will need to keep an eye on. Dogs can be more aggressive and mark the area a lot more, as well as the obvious factors too.

Temperament and Behaviour

Are they gonna attack other dogs, are they gonna attack us, are they going to destroy everything or are they terrified of everything? Basically we want to know what your dog is like, and how we can help and what to look out for.

*If your dog causes harm while in our care and we where not informed you can be liable in the same way if your dog attacked someone on the street as part of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Medical Issues

This is for anything, if they have any sores, maybe they had surgury on a leg, maybe they have bad teeth, a skin tag or wart. All these things can have a baring on how your dog will react and how we will handle them. Also any allergies as we will be using cleaning solutions and scented sprays as well as treats.

Fleas, Ticks and Mites

We don’t just turn away dogs for having fleas unless it is a serious infestation. We will bath the dog in flea shampoo and will advise you on what steps to take. However it is better for us to know so we can better handle the situation. We also ask if your dog has been around other dogs with fleas or ticks as they might have caught some and its more so we can keep a closer eye out for them. We do charge an additional cost if we do have to deal with fleas, this is to cover the extra cost of the more expensive flea shampoo, the added time for a deeper clean and for the insecticides we spray down at the end of the day. 

Any Other Useful Information

We have a dog that goes bonkers at the sight of blue flashing lights, it was interesting to learn this as an ambulance went past :^/ anything like this can be useful. It is also good to let us know if we can or can not give your dog treats as we do use them to keep your dog happy and under control during the grooming.

What You Want Doing and Style Info

So then we get down to asking you what you want on your groom, are you after your dog to be taken very short for ease of handling, are you wanting it in a traditional style, or show cut? Maybe you don’t know what you are after and that’s fine you can ask us for our opinion and suggestions.


We don’t ask about matts, but feel free to tell us if you know your dog has them… Matts may override what style and cut you have asked for as we might not have the time after removing matts or we might have to clip them out.

*Please be aware that in the interest of your pets well being we might have to resort to clipping the matts out even if you wish for us to try and de-matt your dog. There are rules in place for how long you are suppose to spend on a dog while de-matting as it is uncomfortable and there for cruel to put the dog through this for an extended period of time.


if you have any questions about our questions please feel free to contact us and let us know.