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Full Groom Circle

Full Groom

This is the most common service we provide. Covers all the main aspects of a standard groom.

Mini Groom Circle

Mini Groom

Useful service to keep on top of problem areas, like eyes, bum and feet, between full grooms.

Deluxe Groom Circle

Deluxe Spa Package

This is for the pooch with a more decadent view of life. Spoilt with all the luxuries.

Puppy Groom Circle

Full Puppy Package

The full puppy experiance for both you and your puppy. With a full groom, tools and a lesson in looking after your dogs coat at home. This is aimed at new dog owners especially.

Puppy Groom

A nice relaxing first foray into the world of grooming for your dog.

Handstrip Circle


This is a full groom experience but we gentally strip away the top coat of more wire haired breeds to leave a lovely soft undercoat.
*Not for all breeds or coats, ask us prior to booking.

Bath and Dry Circle

Bath and Dry

Some times a dog doesnt need a full groom.. maybe it just likes rolling in fox poo, and you don’t love that aroma. Simple bath and dry. 
*Shampoo Options Available.

Nail Clip

Nail Clip

Click the button for more detailed information about nail clipping, but essentially what it says on the tin. 
*These currently need to be be booked in advance.

Pickup and Drop off Circle

Pickup & Drop Off

Within a very local area around our salon we can offer a pickup and drop off service for those who might be struggling getting to our salon.
*Must be booked in advance