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Bath and Dry


Do you have a dirty dog? maybe a stinky dog? maybe a dog with a skin irritation? Well we make dogs clean, smelling fresh and can help sooth skin irritations. Wash and Go!

Bathing a Dog


Price : Please see our Prices Page

What’s Included : Bath, Dry

*We only pluck Ears if you request it. Please check our information page for more details and why we don’t do this as standard.

When to book : We can usually fit a bath and dry in relatively quick. Maybe just give a few days heads up. But feel free to just call any time.  

Appointment Length : 30mins – 1hour (Depending on breed and how your dog handles the grooming process).

How often to book : As frequent as you feel your dog needs it. Please see our information page on How often should I get my dog groomed for more detail

The Process

Freddie in the Bath

We bath and dry your dog.. Sounds too simple, but we understand not everyone has the facility or even the ability to wash and dry some dogs. Our bath has a ramp to help older dogs or ones with disability and it is large enough to house the biggest of dogs. There is latches in the bath to tether the dog to make sure they can’t jump out mid bath and hurt themselves.

We never fill the bath but use a warm powered shower to wet through the coat. We then chose from one of our Shampoos. Some have helping properties, others just have different fragrances. If you don’t specify any particular condition with your dog we will likely just pick one we like the smell of. After a good lather and massage into the coat, we rinse it all thoroughly out, (if your dog needs it we will repeat the process until your dog is clean and fresh).


  • Oatmeal / Anti Itch : Helps with dogs that have mildly irritated skin
  • Medicated : If your dog has any sores or allergies this is less likely to cause any reaction
  • Dirty Beast : For those more adventurous outdoorsy dogs that love finding fox poop
  • Flea Shampoo : If we find fleas on your dog we will use this. It is not a treatment just helps us control fleas in the salon. Additional Charges Apply!
  • Just Scented : If your dog has no allergies, or issues and is not excessively dirty/stinky we will choose one of our lovely scented shampoos. 

(All our shampoos used are specially formulated for dogs) 

Bingo Relaxing Bath 2

Once your dog is all sparkly clean we move them over to our drying table. We never use cage dryers, but we do use HV dryers (Imagine your hair dryer but on steroids!). These HV Dryers, also known as blasters, produce high velocity warm air. This helps blast the water off to speed up drying while also blowing any lose or dead hair from the coat.

These dryers can be a little loud, so we use Happy Hoodies, to deaden the sound and also to help soak up the water around the ears. They are just a stretchy towel like material that stretches comfortably over the dogs ears. Some dogs are not happy with happy hoodies and would rather just not have them on.  If some dogs are not happy with the blow drying we will resort to towel drying but this will dramatically slow down the process and may result in an increased cost. 

Dry puppy

Flea Shampoo Details

If your dog has fleas we will need to use a flea shampoo on your dog. This will incur an additional £5 charge on your groom. The charge is due to the fact the flea shampoo costs a lot more than our usual shampoos along with all the extra cleaning and insecticide spray. This shampoo is not a treatment, if your dog has fleas you must get proper treatment, this shampoo we use basically stuns the fleas for a few hours giving us time to groom and clean them up. We will go through your dogs hair with a flea comb also but there is likely eggs in your carpets/furnishings at home that should also be dealt with. Resilient little buggers! For more information on fleas please see our Fleas Information page

Additional Information

Can bring my own shampoo?

This absolutely fine, we don’t usually change the price. The reason is because we don’t know how good your shampoo is, if it is sold to you by a vet good chances it will be Malaseb or something similar, and these can make bathing slower because they are rubbish at cleaning and don’t lather up well at all.


Do you have sell shampoos?

We can do yes, this is not something we hold in stock but can provide you if requested. This can be helpful for the medicated shampoos so you know your dog wont react to it already.


My dog doesn’t like water, can you help?

Yes, we can either try your dog here in our bath as dogs can react different to their owner compared to us, so your dog might be better in our bath. Or we can use dry shampoos! These are honestly not as good as a proper bath and should not be a substitute but if your dog is really struggling in the water it is an option.


Any further questions feel free to ask us.

Temrs and Condtions

Terms and conditions apply to any dog left in our care. Please read through them before you leave your dog with us. If you need any further clarification on any of them please contact us. 

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