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Stacey was working in Subway as a ‘Sandwich Artist’ but she did not enjoy all the interactions with indecisive people customers not knowing what they wanted to eat! A co worker left after getting a job at a dog grooming salon in Blackburn. She had no experience but the salon owner said she would show her the ropes. Keeping in brief contact Stacey found out about the business and how it was going. This person was fired for lazy and sloppy behaviour at the salon, so Stacey figured she would try to take her place.. Unfortunately this other person had made such a bad impact on the salon own that Stacey was turned down as they didn’t want to waste time training someone from scratch. Stacey was set on this path though, so enrolled on an introduction to Dog Grooming course at Myerscough, a six week course, one day a week while still performing her full time job at Subway. Loving the course and making great strides with it the Tutor informed her about her Dog Grooming School and that she should think of applying. After saving for this full grooming course, Stacey signed up and completed it doing two days a week. The qualification was a Merit in City and Guilds Level 3 Dog Grooming and Styling.


So impressed with Staceys grooming ability on the day Stacey passed her exam she was offered a job at the tutors dog grooming salon in Burnley. Stacey had to learn fast while under slight supervision from the other groomers at the salon but was often on her own under pressure but performing well. Within the year the tutor had acquired a new grooming salon based in Darwen and Stacey was relocated as manager at this salon. After a short while there on her own she was given a member of staff fresh off the course to manage. Although the member of staff was a little more age advanced and could not cope with the physical side of the job and left after just a few months.

The tutors school was increasing in capacity so Stacey was pulled from this salon and it was sold on, and Stacey was instead promoted to teacher working alongside her tutor at the school. This was a rewarding job and Stacey enjoyed the job but found some difficulties working with the staff at this school, bar one who she got on well with. The two often talked about Dog Grooming and eventually in October 2016 decided to open their own salon in Leyland (S&L Dog Grooming).

Shortly after starting the business Stacey realised there is a lot of hard work that needs to be done while the business partner was not in favour of how difficult the job would be.. they parted ways and Stacey continued on her own. The business started to grow and grow rapidly. Shortly after, Bob, Stacey’s life partner, quit his job in IT and came to help washing and drying the dogs and helping with admin. The name was changed to Stacey’s Dog Grooming. 

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The rest of our story is still being made…

Date : 20/02/21
Edited Date : NA
Author : Bob Dent
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